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Employment Discrimination and Harassment

Employment Discrimination and Harassment

If you have been the victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, or have been wrongfully terminated, or have been denied a reasonable accommodation  for your  physical or mental disability contact the Law Offices of Kenneth C. Absalom to schedule a free initial consultation at our offices in San Francisco, or  by telephone.  We handle employment cases throughout Northern California.  There are very short statutes of limitations which require you to file an administrative complaint or civil suit within strict deadlines to preserve your right to sue.

It is against federal and state law for an employer  to discriminate against employees or applicants for employment because of  race, age, sex, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation, (California Government Code Section 12940, the Fair Employment and Housing Act).

Discrimination is often shown by statements and conduct such as the denial of a job, wrongful termination of employment, or a change in the terms or conditions of employment.

It is also unlawful for an employer, supervisor or co-worker to harass an employee on the job. Sexual harassment against women or men is the most common form of harassment, but people also face harassment because of their race, pregnancy status, age, disability or even such activities as  union organizing.  If you are a victim of harassment at the workplace contact our firm.

Examples of unlawful harassment and discrimination based on a protected characteristic include;

  • denial of employment/hiring;
  • making offensive jokes or unwanted comments;
  • assignment of undesirable or demeaning tasks;
  • lower pay for the same work;
  • denial of training, education, or other benefits;
  • making a job more difficult to encourage someone to quit; and
  • reduction in forces/layoffs that disproportionately affect older people;
  • creating a hostile work environment;
  • failing to take reasonable measures to eliminate harassment or discrimination;
  • failing to provide reasonable accommodations to employees or applicants who have a disability.

Employees are also entitled to have medical leaves for serious medical conditions they or their family members are suffering.  If your employer refuses to provide you family and medical leave or retaliates against you because you need to take such leaves, then contact us for advice.

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